Fuel Pump Cooling Shroud

Time: 1 Hour

Back when I installed the engine on the engine mount I installed a cooling shroud on the engine driven fuel pump. This has a flange that allows for a 1″ duct to direct cool air to keep the pump cooler. Now that the baffles are almost done I needed to create a take off of the baffle to allow pressurized air from the inside of the baffles to be used for this cooling. I bought a 1″ flange and marked out where it would best fit so that the duct hose would not interfere with other cables. I used the my 1 1/8″ hole punch to create the hole. Then I laid out three rivet holes and match drilled them to the baffle. Using the bucking bar and gun I made quick work of attaching the flange to the baffle. I measured and cut the duct hose and trial fit it to see how it looked. I will secure the hose once the baffles are painted and back in place for good.

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