Prop Governor Cable

Time: 1 Hour

Now that the cables are run through the firewall I can start the process of connecting them to the parts of the engine they control. First up was the propellor governor control. My engine will power a constant speed propellor that will adjust its blade angle via oil pressure to maintain a desired RPM. That RPM is set using the cable connected to the governor. On this end of the cable you screw a rod end onto it. This rod end has a bearing that rotates about a bolt as the arm on the governor rotates. The challenge is the bolt needs to go through one direction so that it does not interfere with the arm rotation and hit the screws on the governor. This required me to remove the safety wire and screw holding the arm in place. Then I slid the arm almost off but not all the way. This little bit of room was enough to slip the bolt, rod end and the various washers that are required into position. With the cable end attached I could secure it to the governor cable bracket and adjust the length. The cable operates smooth with a little binding at the quadrant itself. I may need to make a little bend in the arm after examining closer later.

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