Fuselage Arrived!

Time: 4 Hours

Today I had an appointment with Old Dominion Freight Lines to deliver my fuselage crate between 8am and noon. The truck arrived right at 10am and had the friendliest driver. He told me that he would drop the crate right in my garage with no problems.





IMG_3529.JPGI had to take care of a couple tasks at the hangar until 3pm but made it back to the Hangar before 4pm and started to unload and inventory the contents of the crate. I’m always amazed at the skilled packing job that Van’s does as well as the huge amount of paper they use.







IMG_3539.JPGThe packing list is very detailed and makes this job fairly easy. I just located each part number and highlighted it on the sheet to keep track.

IMG_3540.JPGI left the firewall out as I know that is one if the first tasks of the fuselage build.

IMG_3541.JPGAll I have left to inventory is this huge bag of hardware and all the little bags inside it.

IMG_3542.JPGWell I now have all my shelves full of beautiful aluminum and parts! I moved the roll bar and gear legs indoors to get them out if the way since they are big and heavy.




IMG_3546.JPGI cut up the crate and loaded it up in the truck to take to the dumpster. So it took me 4 hours to get all this done and I was only missing 2 parts, one of which is back ordered and will ship when they get it. I would call that a good day! I am so excited to get started and do some building.

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