Fuselage Start

Time: 4 Hours

I spent the morning finishing up the inventory process. All I had left was the large bag of hardware with all it’s small bags inside. Everything made it! I ordered another 64 drawer cabinet like the other one I have for all the other hardware, unfortunately it didn’t show up today so I had leave some of the hardware in their bags. After I got the inventorying done and cleaned up the Hangar I started reading the manual and got to work. First task in the fuselage is to work on the firewall and it’s associated stiffeners, spacers and engine mount brackets. It took a while to find all the parts since I don’t have any organization of all the parts yet. I started by cleckoing all the stiffeners and spacers to the firewall to make sure I had everything laid out correctly.




IMG_3552.JPGI then removed everything and started the deburring process on all the stiffeners, spacers and brackets. After those were all done I moved on to the edge of the stainless steel firewall. This firewall is very sharp and very strong. I started at one end and made it about half way around the edge before calling it a night. I ended up using some 180 grit sandpaper and it worked pretty well but slow. I have to think ahead as I start this fuselage as some of these parts will be visible in the cockpit and I will need to prime and paint before riveting. Pretty excited to get this fuselage under way!

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