Garmin GPS Antennae

Time: 1 Hour

I had run the RG400 coax cable from the Garmin GTN-625 tray a year or so ago when I was doing all the wiring behind the instrument panel. It wan through the left side firewall pass through. I just had it coiled up waiting for its final routing and installation. The cable has a required length and was labeled “so not shorten” since I put it in. So no that I had almost all the work done firewall forward I decided it was a good time to finish this task. I needed a TNC cable connection that is required for this antennae and ordered it from Aircraft Spruce. Once it had arrived, along with other goodies, I un coiled the cable and followed the steps to crimp it on the cable. If you need help with this task has a great video online. After I had it crimped on and tested for any shorts between the pin and shielding and all was good. So then the routing was planned out and how I would coil up the extra length of cable. I just decided it would be best to creat a larger coil and secure it with an adel clamp as well as zip ties before it runs up to the antennae. Once that was complete I ran the Dynon gps serial wires along the coax cable to secure it as well. I secured the cable in several spots to prevent chaffing or movement. Overall I’m happy with this layout and hope it has a good signal. I won’t know for sure until I buy the Garmin GTN-625 down the road.

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