Oil Breather Tube

Time: 2 Hours

I needed to run the oil breather tube from my inverted oil separator tank to the bottom of the engine area. Normally with the stock setup it would run from the top/back of the engine case. This tube is required to release high case pressures and allow any excess pressure and/or oil to be expelled overboard. Van’s stock setup comes with a pre-bent tube and hose attachment. Since I went custom I needed to create my own. Not a big deal and I just needed to determine the angles to follow the path I planned. I also needed to get it close to the engine mount so I could secure it and direct the tube just over a section of the exhaust pipes. This allows any oil that is expelled to be burnt off and only create smoke. That’s the idea however I have read that a lot of the oil doesn’t get burnt off and ends up on the belly of the plane for you to clean up. Hopefully the inverted oil system and the separator help prevent this from happening. Here is how mine turned out. I cut the end at a slight angle pointing forward. This is a theory that it creates positive pressure in the tube to help prevent oil from being sucked out if it were angled the opposite way creating a venturi effect. It is very secure once I tightened it at the separator and clamped it above the exhaust. It is clear of all the other hoses except the heater hose. With the bends I made it’s away from the firewall by a 1/4″. I used Aircraft Spruce’s Versatube for this project which wasn’t too terrible to bend and shape using the spring bending tool.

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