Garmin VIRB Audio

Time: 2 Hours

I had planned on having several Garmin VIRB cameras on the RV to record some great angles while flying. One cool feature of the cameras and other is that you can record audio from the intercom and air traffic control as you are recording video. This adds a really cool aspect to videos and lets your viewers get the whole experience. In order to do this you need a cable that intercepts the audio that the headset hears. The cable plugs into the jack that the headset plugs into and then you plug the headset into the cable. There is another cable that comes off that setup and plugs into the camera. This all works great but doesn’t look good with all the cables running everywhere. I could do better so that’s what I did. I decided to run a second headset jack, just the one for the output and not the microphone, that is tapped off the passengers jack and run it to the sidewall support aft of the pilot seat back. I created little storage areas there with small sidewalks for things like checklists. I figured I could install the jack down inside there and you wouldn’t see it. Then I could plug the cable in there and run the other end straight up to the camera. This keeps the cable all cleaned up and looks a lot better.

I powered up the RV and turned on the camera to record. I played a little music from iPhone and waited for some traffic to make call while in the pattern. Everything recorded great and the music muted when someone made a call on the traffic frequency. I can’t wait to see some of the cool videos I will make in the future!

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