Camera Mounts

Time: 2 Hours

I decided for the exterior camera mounts I would go with FlightFlix Rock Steady mounts. I liked the quality, hardware and pricing of these but there are several brands to choose from. I have watched a lot of videos produced over the years and knew the particular views I wanted to capture. One was in the cockpit looking at the instrument panel but could also be turned around to view the passenger. The next was the view from the wingtip looking at the side of the aircraft with the pilot in the center. The other view was from high on the tail looking forward using a wide view getting a “birdseye“ view that gets the wingtip to wingtip perspective. The mounts can use a machined aluminum dove tail that can be mounted with a screw anywhere. Then they have a “knuckle” that clamps onto the dovetail on one end and the other end can clamp a ball that’s machined from aluminum and has a GoPro style attachment for the camera. This setup allows for any and all angles to be set.

I only have one camera now but will be ordering two more when they are in stock. These are gonna make for some great videos of flights.

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