Grip Wiring

Time: 4 Hours

I worked on the pilot and passenger grip wiring today. Not a whole lot to show as it was just figuring out the length of each wire, cutting then labeling each end so I knew what they were for. I had bought some wiring mesh sleeve from Aircraft Spruce and ran the wires inside. In one end I crimped all the Molex pins in place and snapped them in the shell.

 I used heat shrink tube to clean up the end as well. This would be the end that terminates at the base of the control stick. The other end had various lengths of wire. Some were grounds, some will terminate at the panel and another would go to the smoke system relay. I secured the stick end with zip ties and adhesive attach points.  

 I made the ground connections at the firewall but will wait for a while to get the others done until I have the place meant on the intercom and radios figured out.  

 That’s where I stopped actually working in the RV, I sat and planned other parts for a while, mainly how I’m going to run and tie in the AeroLED NAV and strobe lights. They require a bit of work as the wires need to be shielded so that they don’t cause interference with radios. I came up with a pretty good plan based on some research off of

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