More Wiring

Time: 5 Hours
I finished up the power and ground run for the pitch servo to the areas where they will connect. I can’t do the ground yet since I ran out of the printable shrink tube. More will be here tomorrow so I will label it then and connect it to the ground block.   


   To start on the autopilot roll servo wiring I needed to drill a hole in the lower side of the fuselage and put a grommet in for the wires to pass through on their way from the servo in the right wing to the network.   

   I started with the section on the roll servo wiring that will be in the right wing going from the servo to the wing root. Back when I built the wings I added a 3/4″ pvc pipe the length of the wing for future wife runs. I drilled a hole in the pipe where the roll servo would be and put a grommet in. I also added several strings to help pull any wiring through the pipe. I secured on of the strings in the area of the servo to the end of the servo wiring harness and pulled it towards the wing root.    

 I finished off the end at the servo with d-sub pins and back shell.    

 I then finished off the other end with one half of a Molex connector to match up to one that will be at the side of the fuselage.  


I also cut and finished off the passenger grip wiring with a Molex connector.   
   The roll servo wiring from the wing connects to the wiring from the fuselage with the Molex connector. I made the pigtail outside of the fuselage long so that when we install the wings there will. E plenty of room to connect them before we slide the wing in al the way. Then I will pull the slack into the fuselage and zip tie it down. I did this after seeing just how tight the space is in between the weeding and fuselage on Glenn’s aircraft.       I also grabbed the rear baggage floor while I was thinking about it to cut the slot that corresponds with the snap bushing I put in for the passenger USB wiring.   I ran the runs, power and ground, from the passenger power outlet to the front of the aircraft and connected them.  

 The area below the longeron will be covered up with the baggage floor sides permanently so I left some slack to pull up should I need to remove the jack at any time. I coiled up the other ends by the ground and where the power will connect to the VP-X.  

 I also ran the power and ground wires for the fuel boost pump. I put in a termina block for the pump so that I can easily replace the pump. 

also ran the other ends to the ground block and the area where the power will connect. Man it’s starting to get busy behind the panel!



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