HS Rear Spar

Time: 4 Hours

The squeezer dies that I ordered from Avery Tools arrived this afternoon. They are a 1/8″ flush and a thin 1/8″ cupped die. I needed these to give me the clearance to properly squeeze the rivets.

Now that I had these dies I was able to get some work done this afternoon. Starting with riveting the spar stiffeners to the spar.

The first row of rivets look great, the pneumatic squeezer makes this job easy!

I see a lot of other builders posting photos of them actually working on their RV’s so I thought I would do the same. I just downloaded an app on my iPhone that has a camera timer, propped up the phone and started riveting. Here are a couple of me looking like I know what I’m doing!

Here is the stiffeners all done.

I learned a valuable lesson today: you always need to re-adjust your squeezer settings, the amount that the rivet is squeezed, when you change what you’re riveting! I went from the stiffeners to the first hinge brackets without adjusting and squeezed the first rivet way too much!

it’s the top left one! So I got to practice drilling out a bad rivet. The first of many I’m sure!

20130412-210111.jpgOnce I got that done I finished up the rest of the hinge brackets. The center bracket gets attacked with 4 bolts.

Here is the finished spar!

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