HS Rear Spar

Time: 4 Hours

The squeezer dies that I ordered from Avery Tools arrived this afternoon. They are a 1/8″ flush and a thin 1/8″ cupped die. I needed these to give me the clearance to properly squeeze the rivets.

20130412-204732.jpgNow that I had these dies I was able to get some work done this afternoon. Starting with riveting the spar stiffeners to the spar.

20130412-204900.jpgThe first row of rivets look great, the pneumatic squeezer makes this job easy!


20130412-205215.jpgI see a lot of other builders posting photos of them actually working on their RV’s so I thought I would do the same. I just downloaded an app on my iPhone that has a camera timer, propped up the phone and started riveting. Here are a couple of me looking like I know what I’m doing!


20130412-205518.jpgHere is the stiffeners all done.


20130412-205700.jpgI learned a valuable lesson today: you always need to re-adjust your squeezer settings, the amount that the rivet is squeezed, when you change what you’re riveting! I went from the stiffeners to the first hinge brackets without adjusting and squeezed the first rivet way too much!

20130412-210000.jpgit’s the top left one! So I got to practice drilling out a bad rivet. The first of many I’m sure!

20130412-210111.jpgOnce I got that done I finished up the rest of the hinge brackets. The center bracket gets attacked with 4 bolts.

20130412-210351.jpgHere is the finished spar!



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