Left HS Skin

Time: 4 Hours
I was able to build up the substructure for the left half of the HS. This included match drilling all the connections.

Next up was wrapping that structure with the skin. This includes a lot of Cleko’s. I’m sure glad I invested in a pneumatic Cleko gun. That tool saves a lot of time vs the hand pliers.

Next up was to insert the middle rib, HS-405 and the forward rib, HS-404. These are then marked so that you can drill them using the skin as a guide. This went fast and wasn’t too hard. However I may have an issue with edge distance on the forward upper and lower flange on HS-405. I will consult with the pros tomorrow and see what they think.



You can see the area I’m concerned about in this photo. It is the edge distance on the bottom and left to right (aft to forward).

Overall I’m happy with my progress today! Here is the results:


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