Right HS Skin

Time: 5 Hours
Yesterday I got in around 5 hours in the Hangar. First up was to tackle the dreaded HS-405, HS-702 & HS-404 junction drilling. I spoke about this earlier and how many builders end up with edge distance problems. Usually this distance is ok according to Van’s Aircraft tech support. I had to wait until my 12″ #30 and #40 drill bits got in at Grainger. Then I measured and marked the aft flange of HS-404 and drilled away. Those went very well drilling from forward to aft.

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I then used the same bits to drill from aft to forward on the two outer holes. These also included the HS-810, HS-814 stiffeners in the drill group. All in all I was happy with this task, thankfully I learned a lot from other builders mistakes.

Then I was off and running repeating everything I had just finished on the right half of the HS. <

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