HS Skins

Time: 7 Hours

Saturday was great day if work! My good friend Glen V. came over to the hangar to help out with riveting the skins of the HS. He gave me some pointers on the rivet gun setup and pressures to use on the air line. He maned the Cleko’s and holding the work while I used the gun and bucking bar. After a few tips and pointers I was off and running.

Those 3 rivets on the rib are blind rivets since you don’t have access to the back side to use a bucking bar. Wow that’s a tight space to work in!

Glen popped a photo of me actually riveting.

She is a thing of beauty!

The perimeter rivets I used my pneumatic squeezer to set those making that job a breeze

Look at those clean lines! This kit is pretty awesome!

That’s a HUGE milestone, the first major section done! That’s one big smile!

Now to start the Vertical Stabilizer!

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