VS Begins

Time: 4 Hours

I had a week off of no building due to my flight schedule and a trip out to California to drive my parents car back to Nebraska. That was a little over 1500 miles in 29 hours, just me and two little yorkie dogs, fun!
Before I started riveting the HS skins I had all my work reviewed by an EAA tech counsler, Bill Shain. This gives an experienced set of eyes a chance to look at your work and document the inspection. When I got home from my trip the paperwork was in the mail. He was happy with my work and said build on! That’s a good feeling!


Today I was able to get in 4 hours working on the VS. I prepped and straightened all the ribs. Then I matched drilled all the ribs and doubler to to spars. I was able to also get one side of the skin matched drilled to the substructure. I will finish that process up this weekend and get some priming done too.





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