Inverted Oil Lines

Time: 2 Hours

In between the cowl work I started fabricating the oil lines for the inverted oil system. I’m using Aeroquip fittings and lines that are easily put together. These will have a max pressure rating of 1000 PSI. The process is to cut the line making sure the end is square. Then you slide in the fittings nut which takes a little effort. Then the fitting is inserted into the nut and hose. As you screw the fitting into the nit it draws the fitting into the hose. It also expands the hose locking it in place. After I had one fitting on it attached it to the spot it goes to. On the other end I marked the length and repeated the whole process on that end. You can also see my exhaust pipes installed, or just roughly installed. I did this to make sure I have clearances for all my lines as I build and install them.

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