More Cowl Work

Time: 4 Hours

Spent the morning today working on the cowl and it’s seams. I wanted to get all my gaps at a 1/16″ to account for the paint. Having this gap will help with the paint chipping when you remove and install the cowl in the future. This is a slow process as I sand a little then put the cowl back in place. Then I remove the cowl and sand some more. I repeated this process several times until I was happy with the gaps. I used a penny as my gauge which is a perfect thickness. I also worked the inner edges of the air inlets and made them all square.

The inside of the upper cowl gets a couple of ram scoops that help direct the airflow. These are preformed and just need to be epoxied in place. I sanded all the areas and the entire scoop so it would be well bonded. Once I had the spots I wanted them I drilled several holes and cleckoed them in place.

I mixed up some epoxy and flox and made the connections.

After these cure I will sand and fill the holes. I will also fill all the edges and make a smooth transition for good airflow. I still have a lot of work on this cowl to get it perfect.

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