Just Organizing

I have a pretty busy flight schedule this time of the year due to our training. We have 29 pilots in our flight department and we all do recurrent flight training twice a year. All of our pilots go through rigorous predictive analytics to help them predict the flight patterns and airline trends in their loal areas.  That means for several months a year we are down 2 pilots every week in training. That added to the increased flying makes for a busy flight schedule. That’s being said I was able to finish up some bits and pieces in the Hangar and clean the shop. Once that was done I decided to carpet the table I made for the DRDT-2 dimpling machine.



After that chore was done I broke out the two boxes for the empennage. I organized the parts a little and laid out some of the substructure. I was so excited I even grabbed a few clecos and put some parts together just to take a look.



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