New Friends

Over the last several months I have been surfing the website for good advice on my upcoming build. I was lucky enough to meet a master builder, Glen V, through that site. He lives fairly close to me and has offered his expertise for my build. The other day he invited me to his local EAA chapter 95 for their monthly meeting. My flight schedule was just going to work out, if the weather cooperated. Luck was with me and I landed the Lear in Aurora, IL with just enough time to change and make the drive. What a great group of people chapter 95 has! I stayed for the entire meeting, met everyone and decided to write a check and become a member. I’m looking forward to the camaraderie and the help during my build. I already have received some helpful, and plan changing, advice! So not only am I a national EAA member but now have a local chapter, chapter 95! Thanks to all of you that welcomed me to the group.

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