Leading Edge Skins

Time: 4 Hours

This morning started with a fun breakfast visiting with my good friend Glen and talking RV’s. He was hosting a project review at his home at noon today, this is a chance for our EAA chapter members to come visit as a group and learn about his project and it’s progress. I wasn’t going to see anything new as I visit him on a regular basis for his knowledge and help but I would never miss a chance to hear him talk shop! When I got home this afternoon I was pumped up as I always am after visiting with him. I finished up the priming of the right leading edge ribs last night when I got home from our meeting. Today I started by cleaning and priming the left side ribs, minus the inboard rib that I’m waiting to be delivered from Van’s (you can see there is only 5 out of 6 here).

20140329-165055.jpgI decided that I wanted to get the leading edge skins done today so that when I get home from training next weekend I can get right to riveting. So out came the die grinder and the 1″ 3M wheels to treat all the edges. I then set up the DRDT dimpling tool to get all the holes dimpled.

20140329-165340.jpgI marked all the outboard holes that don’t get dimpled now as they will be needed to align the fiberglass ends. I also marked the inboard holes on the left skin as I will need these holes undimpled so that I can match drill the rib that’s on it’s way.

20140329-165607.jpgI used the DRDT tool to get all the holes except the outboard and inboard lines as I could get them with the pneumatic squeezer and reduce the risk of bending the skins while working the DRDT tool by myself.

20140329-190437.jpgWhile I had the squeezer out I grabbed two flush dies and riveted the stall warning access plate support to the left skin and attached the plate with some #6 screws.


20140329-190702.jpgSo the leading edge skins are now ready to be riveted once I get the replacement rib from Van’s next week.

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