Right Leading Edge

Time: 4 Hours

After running around all morning finishing up errands that I needed to take care of before my training I got out to the Hangar for some work. First up was to finish the stall warning access plate nutplates since the primer had overnight to set up.


20140328-154629.jpgThat went pretty fast with the pneumatic squeezer. You may notice that I chose to dimple the nutplate attachment holes which required me to dimple the wings of the nutplates. I have read many different opinions regarding dimpling the nutplate vs countersinking the skin so that the nutplate wouldn’t require a dimple. Personally I have great success with the method I chose and it makes the job pretty easy so I stuck with it. Next I grabbed the soldering iron so that I could remove the blue protective tape from the skins so I can debur, dimple and prime them. Such an easy task but it takes patience and time as you need to let the heat melt the tape. Go to fast and you are wasting your time and go to slow and you are wasting your time!

20140328-155228.jpgNext up was the ribs which needed to be deburred and dimpled. I cleaned all the surfaces of the ribs one more time in perpetration for priming.

20140328-191003.jpgI had to cut off the night early as it is our local EAA Chapter 95 monthly meeting tonight.

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