Left Bottom Inboard Skin Done

Time: 4 Hours

I had some time yesterday after getting home from my flight to get into the Hangar to get some work done. I wanted to finish up the prep of the right side inboard skin. I needed to deburr all the edges, deburr all the holes, edge roll the overlapping edge and dimple all the holes except the outboard edge where the fiberglass tip will be installed. I also primed the inside edge of the access panel for the nutplates. When the primer was dry I installed the nutplates with the squeezer. I didn’t take any photos of this process as you have seen this plenty of times here but here is the finished product clecko’d on the wing.

20140603-214901-78541484.jpgI then cut 8 pieces of orange string to run through the conduit in the wings. Two of the pieces will run the entire length of the wing and two will exit through the hole I drilled in the bell crank bay. These strings will allow me to pull electrical wires through the conduit later. I tied off the ends so they will stay put until I need to use them later.




20140603-215310-78790276.jpgI stopped there and cleaned up the Hangar as I had a 4am wake up call this morning to fly a trip. Every bit of progress is good progress!

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