Pancake Fly-In DeKalb, IL

Today we did out weekly breakfast out at the DeKalb airport since they were having a fly-in breakfast. Unfortunately we had to drive as our planes are in some form of building, :-). Nice breakfast and a lot of nice birds. One of which was an RV-8 that belongs to our EAA chapter and is in his phase 1 flight test hours. He did a beautiful job and seeing it really helps the build motivation, as if I needed any help. Believe it or not today was the first time I have gotten to sit in a finished RV-8 and wow what a great fit, I so glad with my decision to build an -8!










20140601-154726-56846868.jpgI was a little tired and only wanted to do some light stuff in the Hangar today since I had 2 great days Friday & Saturday. First was to get the Cleaveland tie down rings into position and see how they fit. On the right wing it actually lined up just perfect, bottoming out just as the alignment was right, go figure. The left had a more threads in the block so I could hit the skin and pull it in before I could tighten it down. My fix is to put a threaded stop in first for the tie down ring to hit. I could then adjust the stop in it out to make the ring sit just right before touching the skin. I had to shave off a little if the length of the stop on the bench top sander/3M wheel to give me a little playing room. Worked like a charm and I love the clean look of these rings.



20140601-155834-57514563.jpgI then grabbed the remaining parts for the autopilot roll servo mount. I had purchased the bracket/mounting kit from Dynon leaving out just the servo. This way I don’t have a electronic part just sitting idle for a long period of time and reduce the possibility of future failures. I installed the elevator trim servo before I learned that this is a good idea and you should wait before buying them. The kit I bought has all the brackets needed and I installed those in sequence with the normal build. Today to installed the linkage that connects the servo to the bell crank.

20140601-160350-57830895.jpgThat’s where I stopped for the weekend and I’m pretty happy with the progress.

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