Left Flap Drilling

Time: 1 Hour

I got home tonight from my 2 day trip and did a few house items before going out to look at the flaps. I decided to get an hour of work in and match drill the skins on the left flap. This didn’t take too long so I decided to lay out the flap hinge and drill it to the flap. The process is to drill one side to the flap and leave the other undrilled until you install it on the wing. You make the trailing edge of the aileron and flap match. This adjustment of the position of the flap in relationship to the aileron happens on the flap hinge either moving the hinge aft or forward. From what I have read it is always aft, meaning the centerline of the hinge moves aft or away from the rear spar of the wing. What can happen is you have to move it so much you can make the holes in the wing side of the hinge get too close to the edge and impede on your edge distance for rivets. To help me with this potential problem I moved the flap side of the hinge out 1/32″ vs flush with the edge if the skin.

20140508-213453.jpgI then worked on drilling the hinge. These new deep reach clamps work awesome for this. I just drilled and then clecko’d as I went down the line. That’s all I did tonight as storms were approaching and I wanted to get my truck in the garage.



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