Flaps Start

Time: 1 Hour

I actually had plans to get a lot done in the Hangar today but we had a pop up trip to Arkansas so that didn’t happen. I did want to get a little work done when I got home so I grabbed all the parts for the flaps and started assembling so that match drilling could begin. There are a couple other tasks ahead of this step but I wasn’t going to make a lot of noise so my neighbors don’t begin to hate me. Van says that these are the easiest control surfaces to build and I believe them as it ink took me 30 minutes to put these completely together.

20140506-213908.jpgI then grabbed a section of the piano hinge for the right flap and and clamped it in place with my new deep reach clecko clamps.


20140506-220741.jpgThat’s where I stopped for tonight and will get back at it Friday and this weekend.

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