Left Tip Looks Great

Time: 6 Hours

I came in the shop and removed the clamps and level to see that the tip stayed in perfect shape. I removed the tip and filled in all the chips and cuts in the aft end from all the cutting I had done on it with epoxy and flox. 

SSince I did all the trimming on the top where the tip met the wing I had a pretty uneven gap between the two surfaces. To fix this my plane was to used epoxy and micro balloons to close that gap. The process was to line the edge of the wing and its hinge with packing tape to act as a release agent. 

I used a putty knife to get the tape tight into the corner as I went. I then put the tip back in place with the hinge pins. Here you can see the gaps I was talking about. I mixed up the epoxy and balloons and applied a liberal amount making sure it was filling the gap. 
I also used it to fill several chips on the tip. 

While I was working on the fiberglass I moved on to the elevator tips that I had skipped a couple of years ago while working on the tail. 

Not hard work just trial and error as you trim and cut to get them to fit right. I will work on securing them in my next shop time. 

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