Elevator Tips Riveted

Time: 4 Hours

I had a little time in the shop to secure the elevator tips to the elevator. First up was to countersink the fiberglass to accept the dimples of the elevator skins. I then dimpled all the holes except the four holes that had two overlapping skins where I countersunk them. 

I then cleaned up the elevator edges as well as sand and scuff the finerglass especially the flanges that would be riveted. Based on some other builders I planned on using structural adhesive to help bond the fiberglass to the elevators along with rivets. 

I mixed up this adhesive and applied it to the top and bottoms flanges and slid the tip in place.  These tips are riveted with blind rivets since there is no access to buck solid rivets. 

I plan on closing up the forward ends of the tips where they go over the counterweight. So I mixed up some epoxy and flox to start this process and fill in the gaps around the weight. 

When theses are cured I will cut some fiberglass that will lay over the from and get epoxied in place for structure. I will then be able to sand and shape this end and add balloons as needed to shape them. To finish up the day I grabbed my orbital sander and some 220 grit paper to work on the left wing tip gap. 

Thats where I called it a dusty day. 

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