Left Wing Twist Out

Time: 2 Hours

I spent the morning taking care of office work at the office and then headed about 40 miles west to a company called Engman-Taylor, an authorized Sioux rivet gun repair shop, to have my 3X gun looked at. When I got home I this afternoon I decided to get at least a little time in the Hangar. One thing I wanted to get accomplished was to get the twist out if the left wing and secure the rear spar to hold that position. First up was to manufacture the hard points for the rear spar to wing stand.


20131112-212948.jpgWith to connection points I had a point in which to clamp the rear spar holding the correct form. I used the plum bobs that I hung from the main spar and measured the distance from the skin at the rear spar. I was off by 1/16″ so I tweaked them a bit and made the distance equal at the inboard and outboard. I then rechecked the level on the main spar.

20131112-213247.jpgA little adjustment on the threaded rod and all was perfect inboard and outboard. I then rechecked the plumb bobs and all stayed the same.

20131112-213415.jpgTomorrow I will repeat the process on the right wing. After that I will reinstall the bottom skins and match drill all the holes.

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