Started Wing Skins

Time: 4 Hours

Next up was to start the wing skins. First up was to create the wing doublers. Where the wings have the extra ribs on the inboard ends for the extra weight of the walking area there is double skins. These doublers have to be cut out of sheets that Van’s sends. I just took the required measurements from the plans, 9 3/8″ x 26″. Once you have these cut you tape them to the underside of the respective wing skin. Even with the inboard edge and 9/16″ from forward edge if the skin.



20131111-221314.jpgOnce you have them set and in place you flip them over and use the skins to drill through the doublers. I rolled up the carpet on my workbench and started drilling using the wood and a backing and a place to clecko the skins down.

20131111-221515.jpgBefore I could put the skins on the structure I needed to remove the sag on the spars. I ran some fishing line from a rivet hole on the inboard end to a rivet hole on the outboard end and made it tight. This showed how much sag there was and would allow me to raise the rear spar to make that line even on the length of the spar.


20131111-222343.jpgAfter the sag removal was done I put the skins and their doublers on the wing structures.

20131111-221619.jpgTomorrow I will work on getting the twist out and making the required arms to attach the rear spars to my wing stands.

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