More Firewall Work

Time: 2 Hours

I try to get a little work done in the Hangar any chance I get. Today I spent a good part of the day visiting with some fellow builders over lunch and then to a visit to my friends shop to see the progress on his -8. It also have me a chance to take some more photos of some areas that I will be working on shortly. So when I finally got home I wanted to do a little work which only consisted of countersinking all the holes that match up to the dimples on the firewall that I did yesterday.


IMG_3578.JPGI decided that would be enough today as my lower back is a little sore from sitting at my workbench. I guess I need to recondition it like I had it all winter, having a couple of months off from building didn’t help I guess. Next up will be scuffing, cleaning, priming, painting and finally riveting all these pieces I have been working on.

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