More Tank Testing

Time: 1 Hour

I had a long day at work and office time so I didn’t get much work done I the hangar tonight. What I did do was create two extensions for the tank vent lines with some parts I received from Aircraft Spruce so that I could control any venting.

20140319-211225.jpgI then removed 10 gallons of fuel from the right tank and put it in the left tank. With both tanks half fuel I put both if them on end to test the rear baffles for leaks. So far on the right tank after 3 days I had no leaks!

20140319-211550.jpgI will let these sit for a couple days to check for leaks then lay the tanks on their tops so the bottom skins are up so I can test the top skin rivets. That’s all I did tonight and will get to the left wing ribs tomorrow.

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