Wing Prep

Time: 3 Hours

I got home from my day trip to Cincinnati this evening and made a quick clothes change to get a little work in the Hangar done. First up was to rivet all the nutplates on the W-423 splice plate that I worked on yesterday. These went pretty fast with the pneumatic squeezer.

20140318-191528.jpgI next grabbed the clecko pliers and removed all the top skins so that I can work on the underlying ribs.

20140318-191729.jpgEvery hole needs deburring and dimpling and that’s a whole bunch of holes. So I grabbed my cordless screw driver with the deburring bit and went to town. Inside and outside of every hole on the top and bottom if the wing. After cleaning up all the holes I used the pneumatic squeezer to dimple all the holes. I used the standard dies for the ribs and the tank dies on the rear spar top and bottom. I only did the right wing since I was a little tired from the early wake up I had today. I will get the left wing done tomorrow night after my flight.



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