More Wing Stand Work

I got a few more hours in last night working on the wing stands. I welded some caps on the top of the stands.

20130816-083149.jpgI then worked on the layout in the hangar for the stands. I had several factors I was trying to give equal attention too. I wanted enough space between the one wing and the garage wall. I also wanted enough space between the wings so I had a comfortable work space. I also wanted enough work space in the rest of the garage to have the workbench out and space to work around it. What I came up with was 4′ or so from the garage wall to the first stand and 3′ between the stand posts. This gives me around 3’6″ of work space on all sides. I used my little rolling seat that I will do a lot of work on as a guide to see if I had a comfortable work space. I guess time will tell if I made a good decision.



20130816-083342.jpgToday I plan to fabricate the angle aluminum brackets that hold the wings along with the connecting points that hold the threaded rod that allows for adjustments. Once I have all the fabrication and drilling done I will clean off the steel (they have an oily substance on them from the cold rolled process) and paint them white. I will post photos of those and how the stands work in a later post.

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