More Wiring

Time: 4 Hours

I worked on several wiring tasks today. The first was to wire the USB charging port that I cut into place in the passenger side wall support. It was a lot easier to screw into place back when all the parts were laying on my work bench.  

 I decided to run the wires up and aft to the baggage area then down and back forward under all the arm rests.  

   Next up was to cut the pilot grip wires and add a Molex connector. This will allow the stick to be wired and be removable if needed. This was my first attempt at open barreled crimping that Molex uses.  
 I measured where I wanted to cut the wires and stripped the protective sleeve.  

 I cut and stripped the first wire to put the first pin on. The open barrel pins have two crimps, one to crimp the bare wire and the second to crimp the insulation.  

 Once the pin is done you slide it into the numbered hole in the connector itself. I needed 14 pins for this grip and used a 15 pin connector. I made a list of what colors when to what pin so that I can match the opposite side of the connector.  

 I had slipped a piece of heat shrink on before I inserted the pins to tie the wires and protective sleeve together whe done. I then moved on to running the auto pilot servo wires, since I needed one of the wires from the servo for the stick grip.  

   There are two pair of twisted wires that get connected to the Sky View network, a power, a ground and a auto pilot disconect wire. I stopped at this point for the day, 4 hours of actual work and 4 hours of scratching my head thinking things through before I cut wires! 

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