New Home

Time: Hours

So my girl and I have been working for a few months to get our home sold in Chicago’s west suburbs so we could buy a new home. We finally got it sold and purchased a home, before it even went on the market, in Poplar Grove IL in the BelAir Estates on the Poplar Grove Airport. This home fit is perfect and had a 2200 sq/ft hangar that is heated and has a half bath. So the last few weeks had us packing and moving all our worldly possessions and storing them in my other hangar. Then we lived in our camper for a week while we closed on the new home. After several truck loads in a U-Haul we have all our stuff in the new home. So I now need to get the wings taken off the RV so that I can trailer it to it’s new home. To say our life has been busy is an understatement…I’m ready to get back to building after I get the new hangar organized.

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