Oil Door Hinge Pin

Time: 1 Hour

While waiting for some fiberglass to cure on the lower cowl lip I decided to fabricate the hidden oil door hinge pin. The door is hinged on the top with a hidden bracket. To hold the bottom of the door I decided to use another piece of hinge. I installed these a long time ago and had planned on how I would remove the lower hinge pin to allow the door to open. The upper bracket has a spring to it so when the door is unhinged it springs open. So I had fiberglassed a aluminum tube with the same inner diameter of the hinge itself to the inside of the cowl to direct the pin as it’s inserted to the first hinge eyelet. I used the hinge pin to mark the firewall where I needed to drill a hole for the pin. I used a dab of orange torque seal on the tip of the pin and slid it through the hinge eyelets until it touched the firewall and left a dot of torque seal identifying where to drill. After removing the cowl I drilled the hole and clean the edges as the stainless steal is very sharp after drilling. I returned the cowl and slid the pin to make some marks for where to cut and bend for the handle I was planning on forming. With the cuts and some bending I made what I think will work well. I put some shrink tube on the handle side to keep it from scratching and make it easier to hold. I only have to pull it out far enough for the door to open and check the oil. Then while oblong the door down I slide the pin in and the door is secure. I made the handle long enough so that it can be tucked next to the nylon block for the baggage door lock. This will keep it from spinning around in flight and the baggage door itself will prevent the pin from sliding out of position.

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