Fuel Pump Overflow

Time: 1 Hour

The engine driven fuel pump has an overflow port to allow excess fuel drain after engine shutdown. Van’s uses a 90° elbow that has a soldered 1/4″ copper line on it. When I was installing it the copper line broke off. So I decided to upgrade to a AN842-4D elbow. This has the 1/8″ threaded side and a 1/4″ OD barbed side. I could then use some 1/4″ ID hose to run from the AN fitting to some 1/4″ aluminum tube that directs the fuel overboard under the fuselage. I cut some tubing and made the required bends so that it exits underneath the fuselage through a hole I drilled. I then secured that tubing with adel clamps. With the AN fitting secured in the pump all I needed to do was cut a length of tubing to connect the two. I will use zip ties to secure the hose to the tubing and AN fitting.

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