Oil Lines

Time: 1 Hour

In between the cowl work I started doing the planning behind the engine. This area is pretty tight and you really have to think through things as you go. I decided to start with the large items that don’t have a lot of flexibility. The inverted oil system falls into that category. I had already thought through that layout and mounted the two items in the firewall, the oil separator and the valve. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to build my own oil lines for the custom look. I spoke with several builders and learned what I needed to do. I also decided that I wanted to use Aeroquip fittings and hose. I’m lucky here in the Chicago area that I have a local source for these items, Winner Circle Speed Shop. After getting a little training from them on the assembly I made my first attempts for a couple of those lines.

I love the look and how easy these are to build. They are rated for up to 1000 PSI. You can see these are big lines, -10’s, and don’t offer a lot of flexibility. I will run all of these lines and secure them so that I can plan out all the little stuff.

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