Rear Bulkhead Work

Time: 6 Hours

Today I had breakfast with the guys at our favorite pancake house, Juicy-O’s. I always come away from these breakfasts feeling motivated to continue the build. I think due to the fact that both of my friends are building but more to the fact that they are much farther ahead of me. So when I got home got right into the Hangar to work. Today’s items are the rear bulkheads, there are 6 of them starting from the tail end to the last that ties the mid fuselage section. The plans have you match drill the several parts of one bulkhead. Then scuff, debur, prime and then rivet before moving on to the next bulkhead. I decided to follow this plan as opposed to working on all the parts at the same time and priming all together to help break up the monotony. While waiting I between primer coats I worked on the next set and clecko’d the following sets.


IMG_4709.JPGI got 4 of the 6 bulkheads finished minus riveting which is only a few rivets connecting the left halves to the right.


IMG_4711.JPGNot a whole lot of pictures but a lot of work deburring all the edges and holes, another good day in the Hangar.

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