More Bulkhead Work

Time: 4 Hours

Today I took it pretty easy in the Hangar so I could relax and watch a little football. What I got accomplished was to finish detailing the remaining 2 bulkheads which consist of 4 pieces. As you move forward on the tail cone the bulkheads get bigger and bigger. The last 2 took a lot longer to debur all the edges with all their notched along with all the holes. The very forward most bulkhead has 3 areas that needed to have tabs cut out.


IMG_4713.JPGAfter all the edges and holes were cleaned up I scuffed and primed them.

IMG_4714.JPGFor my painting process when the weather gets colder is to open the garage door about 3′ and turn my big barrel fan on to suck the paint fumes out. That requires me to hit the door button to start the opening followed by hitting it a second time to stop the door at the 3′ mark. I then turn on the fan and start priming. I have most of my home automated using a system called Vera. With that system I also have my garage door connected. Some cool things you can do is set up scenes of a million different possibilities. So why I was watching football I made a new scene for painting. I basically opens the garage door waits 4 seconds and stops the door at the same time turning on the fan via an outdoor plug that is part of the Vera system. So when I’m ready to prime or paint I open my iPhone app and click on “Painting” and the door opens to the right height and the fan comes on. I also have a scene that says “Painting Done” that turns off the fan and closes the door. Yes I’m a geek and I know it but I love this stuff! So not a lot done today but any work is good in the Hangar. I will be able to start riveting the bulkheads tomorrow after I fly.

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