Rear Spars

Time: 6 Hours

Today my goal was to finish up both the left and right rear wing spars so that I could prime them tomorrow. This would allow me to prime them this weekend and have them ready to rivet next weekend. I have to be out of town to Wichita for a Bombardier safety conference. First up was to layout the all the parts for each side.

20130928-192323.jpgThe plans have you match drill the two doubler plates to the spar.



20130928-192525.jpgThe outboard doubler is supposed to have a row of flush rivets that tie the doubler, spar and end rib together, the plans call for countersinking here. I have read several builders sites that have dimpled instead of CS’ing. I decided to follow suite as I’m not sure about the thin material. I will just have to remember to dimple the flange if the rib.


20130928-192837.jpgNext up was to match drill the inboard doublers.


20130928-193016.jpgThe center doubler also needed to have the aileron push tube hole cut in it. Once I had the holes all matched and drilled I used a sharpie to mark the area that I would need to remove.

20130928-193239.jpgI used my unibit to drill a couple of holes and then cleaned it up with my dremal’s small sanding drums. I then attached it back to the spar and fine tuned it with a Scotch-Brite wheel.





20130928-193535.jpgOnce I had both the left and right sides done I cleaned up the shop a little to prep for priming. I debured all the drilled holes then hit everything with a Scotch-Brite pad. I bought a mini orbital sander from Harbor Freight and tried it here. The small pad has Velcro on it and holds a small square of Scotch-Brite pad really nice.

20130928-193902.jpgAfter the prep I cleaned everything real well with MEK and let them dry. While drying I cleaned all my tools and returned everything where they belonged. Then I hit the parts with primer. I will flip them over tomorrow and hit the other sides then.


20130928-194133.jpgAnother great day in the Hangar!!

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