Tie-Down Blocks Done

Time: 1 Hour

When I got home last night I was able to clean and prime the tie-down blocks. After letting them dry overnight I was able to get to riveting tonight. First up was to rivet the spacers and nut plates to the tie-downs. Once that was done I was able to bolt them to the spars.



20130925-200333.jpgAfter those are bolted to the spars I bolted the aileron bell crank brackets to the spars. These bolts go through the spar and into the nut plates that were riveted to the tie-downs.

20130925-200746.jpgI decided to go with Dynon avionics for my panel so I ordered the Dynon autopilot servo for the ailerons. I did this so that I can attach it to the right wing spar. This bracket takes the place of the bottom stock one that Van’s sent. Just a little easier now than later.

20130925-201031.jpgI torqued all the bolts to 25 in/lbs and applied orange torque seal. This allows you to see if the nut or bolt has moved since being torqued. Next up is the rear spars. While I work on those I needed a place to store the main spars, what better place than in my living room! 😉


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