Rear Throttle Finished

Time: 2 Hours

I received the extra parts from Aircraft Spruce yesterday and started right in with finishing up the linkage between the two throttle arms. I took my time making the measurements for the final cut of the tube as I didn’t want to redo that peice. Once I was happy with the length, knowing that I had a little wiggle room with the threaded ends of the clevis connectors, I marked and made the cut. I then tapped the aft end of the tube and inserted the new clevis and jam nut. It was a little bit of trial and error on getting the perfect length and I had to shorten the tube by about 1/8″. I fine tuned the final length by adjusting the clevis ends either in or out. The goal was to have the throttle movements equal but giving the full movement to the pilots throttle. I finally got it and tightened the jam nuts for now. Next I needed to enlarge the hole that it passed through by the rear throttle where it was rubbing as the throttle was moved forward and aft. Overall it looks really good and has perfect movement.  


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