Rear Throttle Linkage

Time: 3 Hours

I put in an after market throttle for the rear seat as well as the main controls from DJM Mnaufacturing. Now I need to connect the rear throttle arm to the forward throttle arm. Since I moved the forward controls aft and inboard of the original plans this connection will be all custom work. I’m planning on using the 5/16″ tube that Vans supplies with the rear throttle kit. I tapped the end for a 1/4″ clevis connection and put it in place with a jam nut.   

   My plan is to use a clevis connection on both ends to allow easy connection and removal. To start the process for the throttle arms I removed boy throttle housing and drilled a 3/16″ hole in each to attach the clevis. I measured up 1-5/8″ from the pivot point on each and 5/16″ from the edge. The throttles are pretty close to level with each other so I’m figuring that the throw will be the same. 

 I attached the forward end of the push tube to the forward throttle. I had to hold it up to the rear throttle area to figure out where the hole I needed to drill for the rod to pass through. After I had the hole drilled I made some measurements on the bend I would need to make in the push rod to accommodate the difference between the two throttle arms. I then took those measurements and bent the tube with my tubing bender. With the bends pretty close I attached the front end to the forward throttle. With the bends in I was able to measure the length of the pushrod at the aft end making sure to leave a little extra just in case.  

   I will get the rear clevis and pin from Aircraft Spruce tomorrow and be able to make the rear final cut on the push rod. I added a Blackhawks banner to the shop that my girl got me for Christmas.  

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