Rib Prep Done & Priming Starts

Time: 5 Hours

Today started with finishing up the clean up after match drilling on the left wing ribs. I hit all the holes with the 3M wheel and die grinder before machine counter sinking them. Once that was done I then dimpled the single tab on the rear if the main spars. This tab gets riveted to the lore flange of the rear spar along with the bottom skin. Based on advice from Glen Vokac I decided to dimple now. The plans call this out later in the plans but that means you would have to dimple the rib and spar at the same time. I have never squeezed two layers of material with the dimple dies. This just seemed to be the right choice based on the fact that Van’s has these items dialed in and match drilling is not really necessary (but still done).

20131103-160202.jpgI then hit all 28 ribs again with the scotch-brite pad to clean up any marks I made. Then the rubber gloves came out and I cleaned all the ribs with M.E.K. and let dry. I then brought out my painting rack out and started the priming process.

20131103-162644.jpgI ended the day with the right wing ribs primed. I will hit the left wing ribs tomorrow after my flight. This will give them the week to sit and I’ll get to rivet next weekend.


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