Right Aileron Complete

Time: 5 Hours

I had an early flight this morning and was a little tired when I finally got home but wanted to get the right aileron finished today. The process was the same as the left aileron so I won’t go into every detail as I did for that one. I will add that forgot to mention on the other aileron that I used my edge roller on the top and bottom of the leading edge skin to help these sit flat on the main skins after riveting. I also got out my pneumatic rivet puller and did the repairs on it that I knew it needed from a couple of years ago. This was a tool from Harbor Freight and haven’t used it in a long time. My reasoning for using it today was that I could barely squeeze my manual puller after all those blind rivets I did in the left aileron. I hurt muscles that I apparently never use! It took an hour to fix the tool but well worth it as it made quick work of the CS4-4 rivets. Here are a few pics from today’s work. Now on to the flaps!









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