Right Bottom Inboard Skin Done

Time: 8 Hours

What a beautiful day here in Chicago, sunny and low 80°’s with a little breeze. I got out into the Hangar early this morning to get to work. I started out making the scarf joint where the two bottom skins overlap at the forward edge. This is so they meet the fuel tank skin close to flush. I just repeated the process as I did on the left wing by removing some material and testing the fit. It took several attempts but I think I have a nice joint now. Most of the day was back breaking and tweaking riveting just like the other wing. I will say that it went a little faster but not much. It is just a real pain bucking these rivets. I used several different bucking bars to get all the rivets. I bucked all the rivets except the inboard edge and the hinge line as I could get those with the pneumatic squeezer.


20140531-172741-62861069.jpgAfter squeezing the inboard edge I quickly took care if the hinge line by removing the wing side of the hinge from the flap. Once all the riveting was done I grabbed the flap and reattached the hinge pins to both sides of the hinge and secured the flap and aileron with the blocking I made yesterday.


20140531-175332-64412946.jpgI then removed all the blue film to clean up the skin. I made 2 small dings in the left bottom skin so I did better on the right as I only made 1 small ding. It looks worse in the photo than it really is. Nothing a good painter can’t fix and make completely disappear.


20140531-180014-64814552.jpgAfter I finished up that task I turned to the conduit for the right wing just like I did for the left wing. I copied the hole between the ribs where the autopilot servo will sit for the control of the aileron.


20140531-180358-65038334.jpgI started the prep, just removing the blue film, on the right outboard skin for tomorrow’s work and put the skin on the wing for safe keeping.

20140531-180509-65109456.jpgThe last item I did today was to finish up the access hole plates, I did 1 yesterday, so I needed to finish up the 5 remaining ones.

20140531-180700-65220900.jpgAnother good day in the Hangar! Now off for a little mountain bike ride this evening!

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