Right Tank Ribs

Time: 3 Hours

Yes I actually got back in the hangar yesterday! This holiday season was very busy and I happened to throw in two weeks of the flu as well! But now I’m back and will get back into full swing as long as the weather cooperates, it’s been really cold here in the Chicago area! My heater has trouble keeping up with -15° temps and wind chills as low as -40°. Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning the hangar out from all the dust and road grime my truck managed to bring in. Tools got reorganized and parts were laid out for the future work. My goal was to get the right wing fuel tank ribs started. Like the other leading edge ribs that I have finished these too have all the tabs on the forward portion that need deburring. These are no fun and are time consuming to get all the edges between the tabs. So I turned on the heat, found a good movie on and sat down with the files, emory cloth and strips of scotch-brite pads and went to work. Not a whole lot to show but here the finished stack for the right tank.

20140110-104608.jpgI laid out the ribs for the left tank to start them.

20140110-104712.jpgThen I had a visitor show up for the weekend, my beautiful girlfriend! She’s in town for work and a post holiday party for our EAA chapter 95.

20140110-104916.jpgSo that was a good place to stop working so I could take her out for a glass of wine and visit. It sure felt good to get back into the Hangar!

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