Holiday Breaks

Between Thanksgiving, flying and Christmas my work on the -8 has been very very slow! I’m looking forward to spending the Christmas break with my kids and my girl in Chicago. It’s going to be a fun filled week. I’m also looking forward to after the holidays so I can relax and slow down and get back to building. I did receive an early present from Van’s aircraft, my flop tubes!

20131219-131438.jpgThese two tubes will be in the fuel tanks, one in each. They are flexible and will “flop” to the top and bottom of the fuel tank depending on if you are upside down or not. They are what allows fuel to continue to flow to the engine while you fly upside down for an extended amount of time. Next I will need an inverted oil system, doing the same job but for the engine oil. I had a chance to help out my friend Glen, a fellow -8 builder, install his -8 landing gear.


20131219-131852.jpgI now see why so many builders make a modification to the gear towers so that getting to the gear bolts is easier (that’s easier compared to an unmodified tower) they are a pain either way. Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy the time with family! I know I will!!

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