Right Wing Ribs to Spars Done

Time: 4 Hours

Today I tackled the right wing with the same game plan as the left wing yesterday. The process went pretty fast and I had very few questions during the process. I’m happy that I listened to all the advise to build both wings at the same time. This allows you to apply the learning curve from one wing right to the second wing saving a lot if time. I definitely agree based on this weekend. One thing I did before starting on the right wing was to visit Lowes and get the supplies for the center wing supports. With the wing in the stands and no skins on them the spars sag in the middle due to the long span between the wing stands. So Van’s has you support the middle of the rear spar with anything you want to use. I decided to use two pieces of 1″x 4″ oak that I had laying around along with some threaded rod. I cut the wood to 5″ long and made four pieces. I also bought some steel pipe that had the I.D. that was perfect for the 3/8″ threaded rod. The threaded rod got drilled into one wood block and the pipe in the other. A few nuts and washers to secure them and I had the two ends needed. I then put two nuts and a washer on the threaded rod and spun them almost to the wood. Slide the rod into the pipe and now I could adjust the length by moving the nut. This allows for a micro adjustment up it down.


20131110-164534.jpgThe rest of the day was just like yesterday with only one rivet needing drilling out. I installed the right wing stands in the Hangar floor and moved the wing into position.



20131110-164819.jpgWhen I decided to build both wings at the same time I took about 3 days figuring out where to install the stands. I had several requirements with two main ones being: room to work on the wings and parking for my truck. I took many measurements and made some mock ups to test and came up with the current set up. I have lots of room on both sides and in between them. I also have JUST enough room for my Toyota truck.


20131110-165251.jpgAnother good weekend in the Hangar. My back has been bothering me so I decided to call it a day and watch a little football on the couch. This week has a pretty light flight schedule so I will get plenty of work done.

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